Complimentary Statutory Directives for Comparative Review


As a courtesy to you, Lifecare Directives is making available a FREE download-able copy of your state's standard advance directive.  This copy may be especially useful to you as you compare its content with the content-enriched advance directive you obtain from Lifecare Directives. 

You should be aware that extensive research has demonstrated that there are significant drawbacks to using a content limited state-standard advance directive. As one researcher has noted, “...the development of statutory forms occurs in the legislative arena, [so] their content is the result of a political rather than a ‘scientific’ process.”  Because of “political compromise, ...many of the forms ultimately passed by the legislatures are not optimal from a consumer perspective” (see: Hoffmann, Diane E; Zimmerman, S; Tompkins, C. The dangers of directives. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics. 1996;24(1) (Spring):5-17). 

The American Bar Association concurs, noting: “The statutory advance directive is not necessarily the exclusive, or even the best, pathway for individuals to follow,” and suggests that revised and enhanced documents “may be especially helpful
as a...replacement for statutory forms where restrictions in a statutory directive prevents the individual from fully expressing his or her wishes.” (American Bar Association. (1991). Patient Self Determination Act State Law Guide. Government printing office, Washington, DC).

Lifecare Directives staff have reviewed more than 6,000 medical, legal, academic, and news media articles on advance directives, as well as reviewing more than a hundred unique document forms. They have also conducted formal research with scores of medical, legal, and academic processionals along with nearly 1,000 lay public participants. From this process, more than 30 key living will enhancements have been identified that should be included in any living will (or “health care instruction” or “declaration”) -- with yet further additions needed in a comprehensive and effective medical power of attorney (or “proxy”) form to be used.

There is no living will beyond the Lifeare living will that includes all of these key enhancements -- nor is there any medical power of attorney or proxy appointment form that includes the many additions required for optimum effectiveness.

Therefore, please ensure that you obtain your own copy of the Lifecare Advance Directive to obtain these important additions and benefits.

If you want more information about the importance of completing an advance directive you may also wish to download a complimentary copy of the 21-page booklet, "Should I Complete an Advance Directive" click here.  For more extensive information about the important enhancements available through a content-enriched advance directive you may wish to order the 32-page e-book, “Should I Use a Shorter Advance Directive?” through the ordering page, by clicking here.  It includes 199 researched footnotes along with detailed information and explanations for much of the content found only in the Lifecare Advance Directive. 

Finally, if you have a loved one who is no longer able to complete a standard advance directive (due to loss of mental capacity), you should consider obtaining a Lifecare Representative Advance Directive. For more information, click here

All of the following files are in PDF format and cannot be opened without Adobe Reader software.  If you do not already have a copy of Adobe Reader, you may download a FREE copy by clicking here


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