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   The most cost-effective and timely way to purchase a document or other product available on this site is by way of a "download" e-order, described below.  You may, however, desire to order documents and other products by mail.  Please know that printing, binding, labeling, packaging, handling, postage and other costs make "hardcopy" printed documents significantly more expensive.  If you still wish to make a purchase by mail, order a "hardcopy" in the Lifecare Store or download the Mail Order Form here, sending in the completed form along with your payment.

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   This site contains more than 600 separate documents with a combined content of well over 12,000 pages, along with some other select products.  Because of the volume of the materials available, the e-order checkout area is arranged in sub-categories to help you bypass unrelated content.  

Please know that  all download documents are provided only in PDF format.  Therefore, you MUST have "Adobe Reader" to complete an order that is available as an electronic "download."  The software should be installed and in place BEFORE you make your purchase.  If you do not have a copy of this software, you may download a free copy here

Third, when ordering a download document, you will receive up to three e-mails (depending upon the method of payment) from orders@lifecaredirectives.com.  The e-mails received will include an Invoice and (if you ordered an eletronic download) a SPECIFIC DOWNLOAD LINK. Normally, your direct download is immediately available; if there are any processing delays (for example, PayPal is a two-step order process and sometimes takes longer), just be patient and your link will soon become active.  The e-mail(s) is/are sent immediately, thus there should be no delay in obtaining your documents.

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Upon entering the shopping area to place your order, you will find that the information is arranged first by topic and then by geographical area, and finally by end-point format (an electronic download, or a hardcopy mail order).  Electronic downloads allow you nearly immediate access to your documents, awaiting only receipt of the e-mailed download link.  Hardcopy mail-ordered booklets take longer to obtain, and are substantially more expensive due to printing, binding, packaging, labeling, handling, and postage costs, etc.  However, these documents do come pre-bound rather than as a loose-leaf print out.  Select the product format that is best for you.  

Other books and pamphlets (i.e., research materials, academic support documents, etc) should be ordered through the shopping section entitled "Professional Resources."

Accompanying Advance Directive Materials

Ideally, all advance directives should be accompanied by a "Personal Guide" completion booklet.  This guide not only makes completing the document easier, but it also provides valuable information to assist you in making enduring and accurate personal decisions.  Therefore we strongly urge you to purchase the Personal Guide booklet designed for use with your directive.  A substantial discount (35%) is given when a "download" advance directive is purchased in combination with all supporting materials. 

To clarify, other supporting materials are further described and summarized below:  

The "Agent Guide to Representative Decision-Making".   This booklet is designed to help anyone you may name to act for you (i.e., an "agent", "proxy", or "surrogate" decision-maker, depending upon the term used in your state or territory) to better understand his or her role, and to know how to properly  and skillfully handle problems, conflicts, and other concerns.  We encourage you to obtain a copy of this additional guidebook, as well.  

Also available are Personal and Representative "Notebooks."  The Personal Notebook will assist you in gathering important information that does not readily fit into your personal advance directive (such as your medical history, allergies, medications, insurance, names of physicians and treatment locations, etc), as well as serving as a place to record additional notes and thoughts on the specific content of your advance directive itself.  The Representative Notebook covers similar information, but is for use by your appointed representative.  He or she can also record any further instructions you specifically provide, along with other notes and information he or she finds of importance.  Consider obtaining both notebooks to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your advance planning experience. 

To further review these products you may want to go to our Products description page by clicking here.  Thoroughly review the Products page before moving into the shopping area to make sure that you do not overlook any documents or materials that are important to you.

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