About Us

Lifecare Directives began as a loose consortium of collaborators in about 1995. During the years of direct research, participating individuals continually evolved and ultimately included: many physicians (practitioners from geriatrics, intensive and emergency medicine, physiotry, neurology, family practice, etc), nurses (from the areas outlined above), lawyers (practitioners in elder law as well as family law and estate law), hospital-based medico-legal representatives, bioethicists, chaplaincy, medical sociologists, medical social workers, medical administrators, and members of the lay public

Direct research elements required the participation of Human Subjects Research committees, grant-funding reviewers, and facility and university-based institutional review boards.

In recent years, only a core staff remains to operationalize the release of the Lifecare documents, with consulting staff available as needed.

Our great desire was that the work done to date would not languish in dusty research "stacks" and library shelves. Rather, it is hoped that the work will benefit individuals, families, and medical and legal professionals, to better address the sensitive and complex issues that arise in providing high quality health care even while honoring individual wishes.

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